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Product Tests

  • All Stainless Design products conform to the legislated design requirements for balustrades and are tested to ensure that they meet the general design loads and structural forces that the balustrading must withstand.

  • It is a requirement of SANS 10160 that the safety glass of a balustrade within 500mm of the floor level must withstand an impact of 400J delivered by means of a 250mm diameter bag filled with dry sand to a mass of 30kg and all Stainless Design’s products are tested to ensure that they conform to this standard.

  • This requirement can reduce to 200J for stairs and residential barriers where the distance from the wall to barrier is less than 1.5m.

  • Furthermore, the general rule is that a balustrade must withstand a line load on 0.5KN for residential, 1.5KN for commercial and 3KN for escape routes.

  • Stainless Design conducts these tests in-house and once it is established that the product in question complies with the standard, the test is then performed in the presence of an independent qualified glazing engineer.

  • Test Certificates are available for all our products.

  • The safety of the balustrade installation is dependent not only on the strength of these components and products used but also on the correct use and specification of these products and the professional installation thereof.

The following is an example of this procedure for the tests done on our Square Spigot.

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