The History of Stainless Design

Stainless Design is a division of Stainless Accessories, a TS16949 accredited manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust components for various original equipment manufacturers (OEMS). Established in 1998, the company head office and factory is located in Nelson Mandela Bay, providing logistical access to other major Southern African centers by rail and road, as well as to export markets by air and sea.


Historically Stainless Accessories was a manufacturer of automotive accessories for the export market. All customers were in the aftermarket sector and exports were done to the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, the Scandinavian Peninsula and Israel. Mirror finished stainless steel exhaust tips and mufflers formed the bulk of the product range and were manufactured using automated equipment designed and built in house, as well as specialized buffing techniques. These products have been displayed at various automotive specialty products trade events around the world, most notably SEMA.


From 2005 onwards, the company core business shifted to the manufacture of catalytic converter shells. During this time, the experience gained in the fabrication and mirror finishing of stainless steel products was used in the design and development of our self locking balustrade system. Initial design and prototype development commenced in 2007, with 2008 and 2009 focusing on aesthetic improvements, simplification of assembly and automation of production. During the period Stainless Design, along with their development partners, completed several commercial and residential developments while refining the product and installation methods.


As of July 2009, the patented balustrade systems were ready for broad marketing and Stainless Design began developing a network of installers.


Today Stainless Design can showcase commercial and residential installations around the globe and has sale distribution centers in South Africa,  South America and Europe.