Structural Elements

Stainless Design has developed a concept of reinforcing tubing to exceed the strength of the equivalent diameter solid stainless steel bar, resulting in a better quality product at a significantly lower cost. Various features of these developments are protected internationally by the following patent/applications: ZA 2011/01918; BR PI0908700-1; AU 2009280872; EP 09786818.6


Assembly And Design

Various features of the design and construction of Stainless Design is protected internationally by the following patent/design patents/applications: BR DI7002933-4; BR PI0905876-1; BR PI0908700-1; BR PI 0905876-1; ZA 2010/08373; ZA 2011/01918; ZA F2012/01691; ZA F2012/01690; CA 2,722,545; MX/a/2010/011692; US 12/989,551; EP 09734072.3; EP 09786818.6; AU 2009239628 and AU 2009280872.